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how to tie your Juno Studios scarf

Some of you have been asking how to tie the scarf knot. So we try our best here to describe one way to style your Juno Studios scarf! Discover your own unique way of tying and styling our scarf, and tag us with your Juno Studios scarf style (#junostudios @juno.studios)!

(Scarf End 1 has our logo label. Scarf End 2 does not have our label.)

STEP 1. Arrange the scarf as in the photo. The ends of the scarf will form a "V" shaped space (red arrows).

STEP 2.  Place Scarf End 2 above Scarf End 1.

STEP 3.  Bring Scarf End 2 under and up through the scarf loop.

STEP 4.  Then fold Scarf End 2 down.

STEP 5.  Now, fold Scarf End 2 up behind the Scarf End 1.

STEP 6.  Bring Scarf End 2 into and through the knot.

STEP 7.  Finally, tighten the knot by pulling on the scarf ends. And you're done!
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